Oolong benefits: 5 Awesome Oolong Facts


5 Amazing Oolong Benefits

Today, I stopped by my favourite tea shop to stock up on my staple oolong, monkey picked (like this stuff here).  I love oolong, and drink it daily!  The oolong benefits list is long.  It’s a wonderful tea, full of rich and diverse flavours.  Not only that, but there are many oolong benefits!

Today, we look at 5 oolong benefits and why you should give oolong a try!

1. Oolong tea boosts metabolism and lowers cholesterol

One of the most well-known and talked about oolong benefits is it’s weight loss potential.  That’s right, it’s not just green tea that can be added to your weight loss strategy!  Oolong is known to boost up your metabolism, which means that your body burns up more calories than if it were otherwise lower.  A higher metabolic rate means you even burn more calories while your at rest, so it’s easy to see how this oolong benefit can help you lose weight.  Pair this with it’s cholesterol fighting abilities, and you really have a great weight-loss tool.  Low cholesterolcan also lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and a whole host of other conditions.  Even if weight loss isn’t one of your fitness goals, lower cholesterol is a very healthy goal for anyone!

2. Oolong tea keeps your hair and teeth healthy

Another lesser-known yet fantastic example of oolong benefits is its ability to nurture and keep your hair and teeth healthy.  Oolong tea is packed with antioxidants, which help your body fight free radicals and other toxins.  These toxins play a big role in the wear and tear of your body over time.  More antioxidants allows yourself to detoxify.  For your skin, this translates to the removal of blemishes, sores, and the like.  Your teeth will thank these free radicals too.  This means a healthier and brighter smile!

3.  Oolong tea is a stress reliever

Like many other teas, oolong helps to calm and act as a stress reliever.  Myself, I drink oolong religiously during the workweek.  I always brew up some oolong right after lunch, re-brewing 2 or 3 times until I leave the office.  Stress relief is one of the oolong benefits I can attest to!  This feeling of calm is amplified when you prepare the tea gongfu style (more about what that means here).

4.  Oolong tea keeps you alert and energized

Take that, coffee!  Oolong has a bit more caffeine content than your average “cuppa green”, yet is still considerably less than coffee.  Even still, it can give you a nice, yet controlled, energy boost.  I find oolong to be the perfect “afternoon tea”.  I prefer something with a bit more punch in the morning, but oolong is just enough of a boost to get you over that mid-day slump that tends to happen.

5.  It tastes and smells amazing!

This one is a bit hard to explain, since oolong is definitely not a “one size fits all” tea when it comes to flavour or smell.  Some have floral overtones, while others are more roasted and dark.  These delights to the senses change with each steep, too!


Not only is it a wonderful and refreshing experience, but drinking oolong tea has many benefits.  I love the way how the curled up leaves open up and become big while steeping in water!  It tastes great and makes you feel even greater.  There are many oolong benefits to take advantage of.

Why not try some oolong and experience some oolong benefits for yourself?  Here are just a few of many oolongs that I found with a quick search on Amazon, check them out:


If you have a preferred tea shop nearby in your area, ask if they have any of these oolong types next time you stop by:



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