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My aim at is to provide you with good, quality sources to purchase teas, as well as other references and resources, tip & tricks for all your tea curiosities! was founded in 2016 as a place to document and appreciate the vast and rich world of tea!

Tea has always been something I’ve known and enjoyed, but my love and appreciation of it never stops growing.

I created as a place to share tea discoveries, to document and transmit how-to knowledge in the selection, preparation, and enjoyment of tea, as well as to spread awareness of tea culture and tradition aimed more so at people in Western societies who may not know much about tea beyond the fact that it’s an enjoyable warm beverage.


I’m a twenty-something Canadian guy living and working in Montreal, Canada.  Tea, and in particular Chinese tea culture, has become one of my passions!  The many benefits of tea amaze me, and in my opinion there’s never a wrong time for tea.  Tea is, as I’ve found it to be quite an amazing plant and drink, and is my way of sharing that with others!

Although you can find many different tea resources in a variety of places, the sheer volume of knowledge and selection can be overwhelming, especially to those who aren’t very familiar with tea.  “Where does one begin?” is a question I’ve heard a lot from friends and family. is my way of helping a tea newcomer learn what they need to set off on their own tea journey!  Here, you will find reviews on various types of teas, as well as interesting and enjoyable selections I come across.  You’ll discover tips and tricks for brewing a superb and uplifting cup of tea, as well as learn more about the rich and vibrant traditions and cultures surrounding tea!